NS 220 L 0,5Kg

NS 220 L 0,5Kg

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Powerful stripper for enameled wire, suitable for motors, inductors, transformers, and all types of electrical windings with insulation that is based on modified polyester imides and amides, imides.

The stripping does not degrade the wire, does not reduce its section, no capillary effect.

Chemical stripping NS220L is a homogeneous mixture of colorless appearance.


Liquid mixture used to dilute and activate NS220 but also stripp by soaking the product the area to treat.


Bottle 0,5Kg


Product Note Status Price
NS 220 NS 220
NS 220 L NS 220 L
Neutralizing 250ml Neutralizing 250ml
Neutralizing 500ml Neutralizing 500ml
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